Stefan Fröhlich

OS/2 Software

Last Update: 24.03.2006

LXAPI32 - A Common Linux support layer driver (Build 3200/ Freeware) Last Update: 06.12.2005
BTTV-Project - A driver for Hauppauge TV-Cards based on Linux bttv driver (Build 2525/ Freeware) Last Update: 09.11.2004
WpsArcO - WPS Archive Organizer (Version 1.5 / Mailware) Last Update: 07.03.2000
CfGSort - CONFIG.SYS Sorting script (Mailware) Last Update: 07.03.2000
StTV-System - TV-Application system for the WinTV card from Hauppauge (Version 0.02 Build 1361 / Shareware) Last Update: 20.12.2001
StWTV - TV-Application for the WinTV card from Hauppauge (Version 1.14 Build 3498 / Shareware) Development stopped. See StTV-System. Last Update: 12.06.2001
StHWMon - System Health Monitor for mainboards (Version 0.18ß Build 729 / Freeware)
Supports the following chipsets:
Winbond W83781D/W83782D
VIA 82C686A
Last Update: 15.11.2004

Developer's Corner

ELFOMF - Converts ELF object files to OMF object files linkable with ILINK Last Update: 24.03.2006
LPEX-Macros - Some usefull macros for the LPEX Editor Last Update: 07.03.2000
SAProfile - Access standard INI files in ASCII format for the IBM Open Class Last Update: 14.04.2000