New BT8X8 driver for TV-Cards (Freeware/Shareware)

Last Update: 09.11.2004

I'm currently trying to port the linux BTTV driver to OS/2. The main work is done.

Based on linux bttv driver
Radio support
Teletext support

Currently i'm rewriting LXAPI32.SYS and BT32.SYS from scratch switching compiler from OpenWatcom to gcc 3.2.2. This may take some time. ;-)
If i find the time i'll update the "What's new in this version" frequently.

What's new in this BT32 and it's applications ?
What's new in LXAPI32.SYS?
List of supported cards

TV-IconDownload BT32.SYS driver and TV app Build level 2525

Download BT32.SYS driver and TV app as an WPI (WarpIN) installation archive

The source code is available at OS/2 NetLabs.
Environment variable:
Enter "readonly" when you are prompted for the password.

More information about CVS can be found at

You need Watcom 11.0C, IBM's DDK and LXAPI32 sources to build this driver