TV-Application for Hauppauge WinTV/PCI (Shareware)

Last Update: 12.06.2001
Attention: This is the last version of StWTV. I've stopped the development of StWTV. The successor of StWTV will be StTV-System.
User defined station buttons
Float on Top
Blitting in a separate thread
Free defineable priority of the blitting thread (for a good frame rate)
Needs the driver from Abbotsbury Software Ltd.
GRADD-Support (use wcast driver 1.040H or later)
Station preview

Registering StWTV

StWTV is shareware. You can register StWTV via BMT Micro. Prices are (Click on the link to register online):
20$ for preregistered users (If you have an old registration key)

40$ for new users

The licence includes the current and all future versions of StWTV. Extra modules are not included.

What's new in this version ?

Download StWTV Version 1.14 / Build 3498

Attention: Driver version 1.040H or higher is required !!

This software uses the wcast driver from Abbotsbury Software Ltd.