Linux API support layer driver (Freeware)

Last Update: 06.12.2005

LXAPI32.SYS provides a small Linux API to other device drivers. With this helper driver it is relative easy to port other Linux drivers to OS/2. LXAPI contains
Module-, timer- and thread management
Full PCI function set
Full I2C core function set including I2C-ALGOBIT api
OS/2 Resource Manager calls

Currently i'm rewriting LXAPI32.SYS and BT32.SYS from scratch switching compiler from OpenWatcom to gcc 3.2.2. This may take some time. ;-)

If i find the time i'll update the "What's new in this version" frequently.

What's new in this version ?

Download LXAPI32.SYS driver Build level 3200

The source code is available at OS/2 NetLabs.
Environment variable:
Enter "readonly" when you are prompted for the password.

More information about CVS can be found at xworkplace.org.

You need Watcom 11.0C and IBM's DDK to build this driver